How to Update SUM3D to the most current revision

Revision Date: 04/09/2014

Navigate to

Click on the three lines in the upper right hand corner.

1. Click on Download

2. Click on Download Updates


Fill out: 

1, Company Name (Lab Name if possible), 

2. Four digit SUM3D Dongle Number

(If you do not have a SUM3D Dongle & are running a Trial of the CAM – place a check in the “For Trial Versions” box and you can leave the "Key" field blank)

  • If you do have a dongle and need help finding your 4-Digit Dongle Code you can get help HERE

3. Email Address 

4. Agree to Terms set forth

5. Click "Submit"


Click on the product you are updating

Click on the language:

Click on the applicable year:


7. Click on the Applicable Update:

Click either the 32bits or the 64bits depending on your system. (Computer):


8. When prompted whether to Save or Open – Click Save and choose to place this on your Desktop or in a location where you can easily find the downloaded file.

9. After the download is finished – make sure that all instances of the SUM3D Software are completely closed.

  • You can verify this using Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Delete) and checking to ensure that the following processes are not running: 
    • camwin.exe 
    • camwinc.exe 


10.After you have verified that all instances of the SUM3D Software are closed, right click the download update and click "Run As Administrator".

  • The updater should extract and the SUM3D Installation will start automatically. 
  • You may be prompted to restart after the update process completes. 


You’ve now updated the SUM3D CAM Software. After the update and any applicable system restarts are done, you can now open the SUM3D Software and continue your work using the latest released features & improvements.