How to Use the Job Report

Revision Date: 04/09/2015

Using the Job Reporting Feature in SUM3D is simple and easy to use:

NOTE: Job Reports can be output using Microsoft Word (If Installed) or Open Office (Free to download: )

The Run Report will be generated based off of the current viewport orientation. It is recommended to use the Top-Down Icon to orientate your view with the occlusion side of your restorations.

In SUM3D, click on the Create Report button in the secondary toolbar at the bottom of the screen:

You’ll see a Save Prompt pop up with the name of your Report File. This will match the name of your .CAM File. Click Save to continue.

Microsoft Word / Open Office will pop up with the generated Run Report. This will list all of the items imported for the job and also any other relevant information related to the run / materials used:

If this is not working correctly, it is possible that the Run Report has not properly been setup yet. Please contact your Reseller for help in getting this setup.