SUM3D - Where can I find my dongle number?

Revision Date: 08/03/2018

Your dongle code should typically be listed on the USB Dongle Provided with the CAM Software . There are a few different methods on how to obtain your 4-digit dongle code.

METHOD 1 (Applicable for Roland Easy Shape users on Low - Medium Interfaces)

Locate the Information Icon in the lower (Secondary) toolbar within SUM3D:

You will see a window that shows the following:

Your 4-Digit Dongle Code is listed under Code:

METHOD 2 (Applicable for users with access to the Default Settings button)

1.Open up SUM3D & click on the Default Configuration button.


2.Click on the “Tools” or “RolandDG” Tab

3.Click on About

4.Your 4-Digit Dongle Code is listed under Code:


METHOD 3 (If neither of the above options are applicable)

1. Navigate to the root installation directory of SUM3D 

- By default this will be C:\sum. If you are using a Roland Edition, this could be C:\RolandDG or C:\Easyshape CAM

2. Run "DKEY.EXE"

3. Your 4-Digit Dongle Code will be listed in the resulting text file that pops up.