How to output both an .STL File and .PTS from 3Shape

Revised: 04/08/2015

Using additional files from your existing Dental CAD Software, we can import valuable information that can be used for the milling process. This can include Margin Line information, Insertion Axes and other meta-data related to the part.

3Shape: .PTS File (Margin Line)

Dental Wings: .POL File (Margin Line)

Exocad: .CONSTRUCTIONINFO File (Margin Line & Meta-Data)

1. Open the Dental System Control Panel by use of the icon on the desktop or by clicking the gear icon within Dental System:



2. Click on Manufacturing Processes


3. Verify that the “Manufacturing process method” is set to CADOutputRAWSTL.dll and that the “Output Margin Line” check box is selected: