SUM3D - How can I install a trial version of the SUM3D CAM Software for use with any machine?

Revised: 08-2-2018


Download and install the latest version of SUM3D Dental from the following link:

Click on the three lines in the upper right hand corner.

1. Click on Download

2. Click on Download Trials.

Fill out the form to access the downloads section:


Click on Sum3D-Dental

Choose the applicable language desired:

Choose to download the Sum3d.exe & execute to install:


Note: You may want to update SUM3D to the most recent revision available as the core installer may not be the latest version. See the article showing "How to update SUM3D". 

When the software is launched for the first time, you will be prompted with a window stating that the dongle is not found. For Trials, you can choose from two options:
  • 7 Day Trial - You can start a 7 day trial at any time by clicking the "Trial version for 7 days" button. After the 7 day trial is over, you will need to refer to the 30 Day Trial steps below.
  • 30 Day Trial - If you click on the "Request License" button, you can email your Installation Code along with the populated Temporary Key Request Form to your local support email (See List Below)

You will need to email your license request details along with the request code to the appropriate local / regional CIMsystem support team that can assist you in activating the trial. If you have a built-in email client on your PC, you can click on the Mail Button to automatically compose a message for you using Windows' default email client.

If you use webmail, you can copy / paste the Installation Code and the filled-out Temporary Key request form into a composed message. 

Here are a list of our emails you can request trials from based on your region:

Italy / Europe / Middle-East / Africa / Other:

The Americas:



It may take 24 - 48 business hours to receive a code.

The Trials of the CAM come with Sample Machines Pre-Loaded. In order to request additional machine-specific configurations aside from the default sample machines, please reach out to your relevant support team.