How to To manually create a Pin/Block Type Material for WET BLOCKS

In our example we will be using the standard EMAX Pin – that has an offset of -2.5mm due to the zero point of the pin’s .STL. This may vary based on the pin file that you’re using

For the Metal Pin position relative to the stock you're creating, you will need to take the Length and divide it by -2 (Negative).


Then subtract -2.5mm to get your Holder Device Position.

See the example below:

18 / -2 = -9
-9 - 2.5 = -11.5

This is because the origin / center of the .STL for the Pin is here:

So we have to shift it -2.5mm in the X Axis, otherwise, you will see that the pin and the stock will overlap in MillBox. If your pin is different, you will need to measure it accordingly and adjust the above formula.

The pin may also be shifted in x or y axis - If it is, you will need to know what this shift value is and apply this appropriately. Also, some machines have the pin with groove facing up, others have the groove facing down. So it's important to know the proper orientation before you start creating the custom block and selecting the specific PIN .STL.

Once you have the correct values (Length, Width, Height) you’ll need to add them.

They will be added in the Block tab of the Blocks/Disc Manager

 To open the blocks/disks manager, click CRTL + D  from the main screen

Once you've highlighted the block to change, hit Edit
You’ll need to input the Length, Width, Height and Holder Device (Pin Shift) values you determined from earlier and then hit “OK” to save.

You will be returned to the Configuration window and should notice the new block that you have created at the bottom of this list. Just like with the discs – it is good practice to group this block together with similar materials so you can ensure that the blocks are displayed in the correct order desired – typically this is by thinnest block to largest. (Top-Down)

When finished, you can click Save.

MillBox will let you know it needs to restart to have these changes take effect.

Now that your custom block has been created – you can start a new job and select it from the list: