This solution will show you how to find your 4 or 5 digit dongle number in MillBox.

Your dongle number is unique and will typically be needed when updating your annual maintenance or making license changes / upgrades.

You can access the support window by one of two methods.


  1. Right-Click the Title Bar 
  2. Select Support from the drop-down window:

A pop-up will appear displaying your MillBox CAM's software and Dongle Information

Your dongle information will be listed under License (Indicated below). The year of annual maintenance supported by your dongle will be indicated by the parenthesis (). You will only be able to run the latest updates from a particular year if you have purchased maintenance for that same year (or later).

Support Button (For 2018 or Later Versions)

You can also access your Dongle Information by using the Support Button under Job Management.

  1. Start by selecting Job Management on the Left Side of MillBox:

  2. Click "Support":