Operating System:

Windows 10 Professional - 64 Bit (Fully current on Windows Updates)


Intel Core i7 / i9 8th Gen or newer. (Avoid AMD CPUs) Recommended i7 8086 (6 Core) / i7 9700K (8 Core) processor or better. CPU Performance scales quite well with SUM3D / MillBox. Higher core counts / thread counts mean that more operations can be calculated at a time.

It is advised to avoid CPUs designed for Ultra-low power (IE: i7-7660U) that are typically found in notebooks or laptops. These processors perform significantly slower than their high performance counterparts. While they can still operate the CAM just fine, noticeable differences exist between the two different types of processors.

Memory (RAM):

16GB of RAM or more

(Most performance PCs ship standard with 8GB or more of RAM.)

Graphics Card: 

Nvidia GT / GTX series graphics card with at least 2GB or more of dedicated video memory 

(Not Shared/ Dynamic Memory - Avoid AMD / ATI graphics cards)

Hard Drives:

HDD Size is discretionary based on how many STL files and Job Files will be stored / backed up on the machine. SSD Hard Drives (Solid State) will help read / write times significantly - Recommend 500GB size or larger.

Highly recommend M.2. Hard Drives that boost read/write times significantly.

Avoid usage of Security Software or utilize Exceptions. We try to keep our software Whitelisted with major AV / Security software companies but sometimes they can quarantine pertinent .DLL / .ini files and this causes issues in the CAM. If you are in an environment that requires A/V or Security Software, please ensure that the following are on the exclusion list for the Security Software: 

  • Directory
    • SUM3D / MillBox installation directory. (Default: C:\MillBox)
  • Processes (Applications)
    • CAMWINC.exe
    • CAMWIN.exe
    • millbox.exe (Located under "millbox" subdirectory)
  • File Types
    • .CAM
    • .MBP