How to Request a Temporary License Key Code for Millbox: 

NOTE: If the customer does not have a currently active Temporary Key – Proceed to Step 4, otherwise: Start from Step 1.


1. The first step will be to cancel out any active Temporary Licensing – This will render the software inaccessible so if this is for a production machine, make sure that the end-user is aware that requesting a temporary code may take 12-24 hours under normal circumstances through email.

2. Verify that all instances of the MILLBOX Software are closed out. If in doubt, use Task Manager to check for the following processes:  


· Millbox.exe

· MillboxClientX64.exe

3. Run the tlreset.exe file to clear out any temporary keys that may be active. You will see the following window confirming that the licensing has been reset.

4.Open the MILLBOX Application – You will be prompted by the following message – Click on Request License:

NOTE: If this is a first time install of MILLBOX, you can also choose the Trial Version for 7 Days option to get immediate access to the software without having to request a license through CIMsystem.

5.The next window will display your Installation Code and a Temporary Key Request Form.


7.Copy your 20-Digit Installation Code and email with “Temporary License Key” in the Subject Line containing the following information to (Americas) (International)


· 20-Digit Installation Code: 

· Reseller Name: 

· Lab Name: 

· Contact Information (Skype ID, Telephone Number, Email, Etc.) 

· Reason for Temporary Code 


8.You should receive a response via email within the next 12-24 hours during regular business hours with a Temporary Key that you can enter into the software.


9.You can close out of the License Request window and click on the “Insert Code” Button.

10.You’ll see another window asking for the Activation Code. Copy this from the email from CIMsystem and paste the 18-Digit into the Activation Code Field then click OK. You should now be able to access the software. 

If you'd like to see how many days you have left on your temporary license, you can follow the same instructions as found in the "How to find your 4 Digit Dongle Code" Solution. The number of days left will always be listed under the "Code:" Field.


As you can see in the screenshot above, if you are currently operating on a Temporary license, there will be text stating how many days are left on your license. If the dongle is inserted and detected, you will see a 4 digit number on the Code field that corresponds with the number on your physical dongle. You will also have a year in parenthesis to the right of the Dongle Number that shows which version of the MILLBOX Software the customer has purchased. 



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