Whenever reporting issues to CIMsystem support, you will need to include the relevant support files from backup.

If you are using a standard version of MillBox, you would do this by following these steps:

  1. Open MillBox
  2. If the job is not already open, make sure to open the relevant job by use of the Job Management Button

  3. Right-Click the Title Bar and Select "Support"

  4. The following window will appear:

    In this window, you will find the relevant MillBox and SUM3D builds as well as a button to Create the Backup files for Support.

  5. Click on the "Create a backup for support" button.

  6. You will see the following windows pop-up:

    This window simply indicates the location of the files that were just created.

    This window displays the 2 files created for support.

  7. After you've uploaded the files:

    For the Americas (USA Based) - Send an email to: support@cimsystemusa.com - This will open a ticket that you can reference when uploading your files.

    Send the support back files to CIMsystem Support via the following file upload link: https://www.dropbox.com/request/3kXRd5xmX15LK6g829oC

    For International Support (Italy Based) - Send an email to: support@cimsystem.com - Include any attachments to the original email.